"It was hard to see a dog that had been so vibrant and energetic losing her lust for life. Despite my best efforts to help Hetty, after such a long convalescence her mobility gradually decreased and she became stuck; an old dog. There were periods of respite but over time it became obvious that she was in pain/discomfort: trying to stretch it out by bowing all the time but often getting locked in that position and crying - obviously distressed and in turn, it was distressing for me. You’d do anything to try and help your pet, your friend.


Knowing that, through veterinary examination and x-rays, osteoarthritis had been ruled out I took it upon myself to take Hetty for physiotherapy which has been brilliant and will help build her muscle mass back up again but I still felt she was stuck. Then I found Suzanne and that was a game-changer. The work she has done with Hetty has provided remarkable results and in an incredibly short space of time.

Suzanne was extremely informative, explaining Hetty’s issues and the process toward recovery. It was really interesting to see her work with Hetty and how Hetty responded in such a positive, relaxed fashion.

Hetty is what I would describe as fluid again - she trots, glides, pounces and flops like a wee crazy lurcher should and although I know I have to be careful with her, as she can still overdo it, she is definitely back to being my Hetty. Suzanne will still see her on a regular basis for maintenance which I am more than delighted about (as is Hetty) and hopefully, she will be able to reap the benefits of Suzanne’s input even more when she resumes her physio.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t act sooner in getting Hetty the help she needed. Had I known then what I know now, she would have been seeing Suzanne as soon as safely possible post-op”. Lynn.

Hetty: 10-year-old Lurcher

Post-Operative care following a diagnosis of skin cancer.


Thorn: 1-year-old Labrador


"In January 2019 Thorn injured herself by jumping a low wall and landing thirty feet down onto granite cobblestones. She was eleven months old. She presented with a swinging off hind leg and was in deep shock - dazed and quiet. On examination, no discernible injury was found and the vet's advice was anti-inflammatories, coupled with pain relief and rest.


The lameness persisted with reluctance to weight bear on the off hind. Two weeks later a second round of X-rays by a specialist orthopaedic vet showed a very minor chip off one of her metatarsal bones and in the highly experienced vet’s opinion, not really a problem. The advice was rest and pain relief as and when required.


Sixteen weeks later Thorn was occasionally weight-bearing when active, but in inactive moments was still holding her leg, and would become very lame after exercise. She did not like to be touched anywhere behind her midline. She changed from an outgoing, confident young dog to timid, nervy and prone to panic. Her car sickness increased and she would not get into a car voluntarily.


At Thorn’s first appointment with Suzanne, she was very quiet and nervous but eventually went over to Suzanne and allowed Suzanne to start to work on her.

A lot was achieved in the first session as for a start Thorn allowed someone to touch her, and Suzanne quickly found areas of muscle damage in Thorn’s lower back and other places.


The following session a week later was incredible. Thorn marched in and lay down on the mat and demanded Suzanne give her a massage. Again, a great amount of work was done and Thorn was obviously benefiting enormously from it. I was noticing an increase in Thorn’s confidence with people, dogs and life.  The car was not the issue it had been.


By the end of the third session, Thorn was sound and full of beans - like a young fit Labrador should be. Importantly her confidence had returned and she once more became receptive to training and enjoyment of life. Seven weeks later I took her back for an assessment. It would be hard to believe that Thorn was the same dog that walked in ten weeks before. Sound, getting fit, overconfident, good with people and other dogs and above all happy in her skin once again. Thank you, Suzanne". Alison Alston

Teddy: Shih Tzu

Flo: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

"Suzanne is highly recommended as a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist. she has been amazing with my wee Shih Tzu Teddy. He has bilateral hip dysplasia, severe arthritis and subluxating patellar and is receiving regular therapy from her. it has really helped his mobility and he absolutely loves his sessions! Suzanne is very friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable about dogs. She quickly established a fab rapport with Teddy and he 'looks forward' to her visits! Thank you, Suzanne!" Elizabeth.

"Suzanne is brilliant. She is highly knowledgeable, skilled and intuitive; the three sessions my Cavalier King Charles spaniel Flo has so far enjoyed have made a huge improvement to her movement and comfort. Flo has serious arthritis in all four limbs and had become increasingly reluctant to go for walks; she is now happy to go for three walks a day and she is initiating play sessions indoors. It is just lovely to see her so much happier and enjoying her life. I would recommend Suzanne unreservedly". Susanna.


Tara: Newfoundland

"Suzanne was fantastic. Tara is such a big dog that I was nervous about how Tara would behave with Suzanne. Suzanne could not have put me or Tara at ease any better. Tara has a fantastic coat, is much more active, I've not seen her leg quiver since the 3rd session and her lameness is not as obvious as before." Lee.



"Suzanne was very patient with Rhua. I honestly think that it has released some tension/pain in Rhua's neck. He has a real spring in his step when we go for a walk. It's very difficult to believe he is 15!! Rhua's twitchy shoulder is greatly reduced!! He actually lets me touch across his whole back without telling me off as much as well.

Charlie does not seem to be walking quite so 'sideways' at times. Due to the rod in his leg, he will never have much flexibility but, there doesn't seem as much tension in his shoulders as there was at the start".


Rhua and Charlie - Border Collies

Vinnie and Harry - Eurohounds

Vinnie: "He improved with having less tension in the neck".
Harry: "My husband says 'he's on fire', he's in training for the European Championships!! I think his nervousness contributes to the tension he creates in his lumbar area and I would repeat this treatment when needed". Bethan.

Tikanni - Siberian Husky

"Suzanne was lovely and explained what was happening as she went along, great approach. We are confident that Tikanni is moving and walking better. The sessions have only been positive and  Suzanne managed his treatment well".  Graham and Sandra.

Bailey - Spaniel cross

"Suzanne was very professional, thoughtful and read Bailey's body language really well. She was gentle and caring. We found that Bailey seemed to want to jump back into the van and Land Rover of his own accord rather than us lifting him in like had happened recently, as he'd been very reluctant to jump in. We thought maybe it was a muscle problem or aches caused by a previous strain".      Louise and Tim.

"Benji is hyper-alert to any changes due to his past as a street dog and not knowing humans till 7 months. Suzanne was always aware of how Benji was responding, always putting his responses before her own goals. No lameness seen since. He actually seems to be relating to me at a deeper / more open, trustful level. It's almost like a barrier has been released. This work is impressive and insanely valuable". Elizabeth.

Benji - Cross Breed

Nikki - Samoyed

"We definitely noticed she could get up from the lying position with greater ease and didn't seem as stiff as usual. Suzanne was very kind and patient, thank you". Shona.

During my time as a student, I worked with some amazing dogs. I particularly enjoyed working with the Greyhounds, most of whom were retired from the racing track.

Only students who have completed the Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme are eligible to join The Canine Massage Guild.