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Canine Massage Guild: A wealth of information for both owners and veterinarians including therapist register, events and regular articles. Subscribe to the newsletter for your chance to win a £10 voucher for a massage.


Highland Hydrotherapy: Located at Unit 1, Linkwood Industrial Estate in Elgin and run by Pam and Fiona. Clinical Massage and Hydrotherapy frequently work very well together as a multimodal approach and I run a weekly clinic here. 



Canine Massage Therapy Centre Online Shop: Holistic Healthcare for dogs. A great range of health care products for dogs plus the full range of Back on Track pain relief clothing for dogs and humans. If you are an existing client, contact me first for a discount code!



The Reiki Training Centre: Elizabeth Harley, Usui/Tibetan and Kiruna Reiki® Master and Grand Master (India). For anyone interested in Reiki, I can highly recommend Elizabeth who is based near Elgin.



Canine Conditioning Academy: The enormous benefits of core conditioning have long been acknowledged in the human and equine world but not so much in the canine world, until now! With a focus on total fitness through safe conditioning, dogs perform better with increased flexibility, balance and coordination. https://www.canineconditioningacademy.co.uk/.

SportyPaws: A highly recommended online retailer. If you are an existing client, contact me first for an exclusive discount code! 


VOM: We feed a combination of kibble and meat which is fairly standard practice with sled dogs. We have been feeding VOM in Sweden for 3 years and are delighted that it is now available in the UK because nothing else compares! https://vomoghundemat.uk/

Eukanuba: We feed a combination of kibble and meat which is fairly standard practice with sled dogs. Eukanuba premium performance is our kibble of choice. https://www.eukanuba.co.uk/pet-care-and-advice/breeders/helping-siberian-huskies-keep-running.