This unique, strong, manipulative Clinical Massage for dogs works by releasing tight, sore muscles, removing debilitating ‘Knots’ or Trigger Points that cause referred pain and helps rehabilitate injuries by breaking down restrictive scar tissue caused by daily activities that may be responsible for your dog’s discomfort. It can help to resolve many day-to-day mobility issues whether they have suddenly come on, or, have been there for a while.


 I aim to give your dog results in just 1-3 sessions. Getting your dog therapeutically treated by a member of the Canine Massage Guild is a must for any dog owner concerned with their dog’s mobility and health. It can help give you answers for what you are seeing with your dog and, importantly, then do something about it. Clinical Canine Massage is a natural form of pain relief that can help to resolve soft tissue or muscular problems and helps support orthopaedic issues like Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia with tangible results.


Are you seeing any of the following with your dog:


  • Lameness/Limping

  • Stiffness

  • Difficulty going up or down stairs

  • Problems getting in or out of the car

  • Slowing down before their time

  • Hopping or skipping on back legs

  • Performance issues in sporting dogs

  • Slowing down on walks or disinterested

  • Gait or Posture irregularities

  • Neck/Back/Shoulder issues

  • Reluctant to be petted, groomed or examined

  • Nerves or anxiety

  • Crying pain or yelping

  • Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia

  • Change in behaviour e.g: snappy, depressed

  • Self-mutilation eg: biting or nibbling rear end/wrists



What soft tissue issues may cause what you are seeing?


Strains - a tear to the muscle and the most common muscular injury; can occur at any age.

Trigger Points – Hyperirritable bands in the tissue that cause referred and local pain. Often described as 'knots'.

Myofascial Pain – a chronic pain disorder caused by connective tissue restrictions which surround nerves.

Overcompensation – weight shifting from areas of injury or arthritis which create new areas of painful tension.

Muscle Splinting – commonly associated with the muscle having to work too hard due to orthopaedic issues eg: Hip/Elbow Dysplasia.



How can Clinical Canine Massage help?


  • A guild therapist uses 4 disciplines of massage and the Lenton Method® of advanced myofascial release to achieve results in just 1-3 sessions.

  • It's used for pain management and rehabilitation of soft tissue issues or injuries.

  • It resolves or significantly reduces myofascial pain and trigger points.

  • It aids in the rehabilitation of debilitating Strains by giving the muscle back its natural flexibility.

  • It produces amazing results for dogs with orthopaedic issues like Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia by directly addressing protective muscle splinting.

  • Your therapist will work with you to create a home care plan and help you understand what may be causing or exacerbating the issue so your dog reaps long term benefits.



What common results do owners like you see with their dogs?


  • Resolution or reduction of lameness

  • Moving freely

  • Relieved stiffness/soreness

  • A pain-free dog

  • Improved mood

  • More willing to be touched, groomed and examined

  • Have their ‘zest’ for life back

  • Able to use stairs and get into the car

  • Coping better with arthritis

  • Faster recovery from injury or operation

  • Enjoying walks again

  • Able to live life to the full

  • Improved sporting performance



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